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  • the truth about USA & the world : the ARRIVALS !!!!
    oh im arashi's fan as well ! so gotta warn u sis !
    for a long time i've been admiring the usa ...even though im a genuine muslim and proud to be one..just i could'nt deny that they created a powerful country ruled by a powerful system,they realized so many big progress in technology and science,but lately i watched a documentary realiezd by american muslims about the truth of the united state of america .....and you wanna know what i feel now ? they are nothing more than low life satanic jews using low methods..fooling their own poeple and the whole world by the way ! c'mon they may can fool the christians like the holy book qualifated them "الظالين" wich means "the blind minded" or the "lost ones" but there is no way they can fool us muslims !!! we know all about jews ! thier whole stories !! we know how much they hate our loved prophet mohamed "عليه الصلاة و السلام" they are just evil people the enemy of god ! "المغضوب عليهم"
    their only purpose is to destroy religion! and geuss what ? the USA is their empire ! THE truly control everything EVERYTHING more than you can imagine..they are all preparing for the ARRIVALS of their king ,the man that will restor their so called lost glory ,the one eyed liar ,the antichrist "el dajjal" "الاعور الكداب...شر غائب ينتظر" it's the truth people! it may seem for unreligious ones like it's bullshit ,,,but it's up to you to belive me or not !
    you know what ? they are afraid of ISLAM ..you must be laughing and asking why that? because we know all about their plans and true nature or at least it's all written in the holy book and descibed by our prophet !
    if they could ..thery would irradicate us from the planet ! they hate us this much yeah! but since they can't , they trying the "stabbing in the back" way ,wich is creating a bad reputation as our realigion is guide line for terrorism,as we are nothing more than extremist wild cruel people ! so everbody else hates us without even trying to know who we are in reality ! yeah that's their plan ! because thery are too afraid from declaring a war against us !!
    and even worse than making others hating us they are parting our union away by separating us in nation that shoudn't exist and creating a different sort of muslims "sounna ,chi3a" etc.. ..that was the mortal move !
    it's the union that our loved prophet created for us...
    -he geathered muslims one by one from different races arabs ,blacks,perse and he claimed that this difference means nothing to god ! the closest to god is the wisest ....1400years agow before USA & STUPID followers TRIED to
    -he claimed that women are just too precious too important to be left without schooling and just seen as an image and not as person,so he ASKED, and not forced, women to cover their bodies so they can be and live as any man does ! not harassed murdred treated as a product forced to change their appearance just to please ur true natured SEXIST system..im gonna say it proud and loud : YOU OXIDENTAL WOMEN YOU ARE NOT RESPECTED AND YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR URSELVES ...
    -moreover, our prophet warned us about somthing very important is the love of life " الحياة الدنيا" AND forgetting the eternal coming after this short life time "الاخرة". this is our worst enemy and belive me ,for all humans ! and thats what the USA system ergo: jews, ergo: satanics ; are trying to achieve !! you'd ask HOW,? we choose our own destiny don't we ? ...
    HELL NO !!! humans nature is hard to control did you ever notice that? ..C'mon we are weak ! and we know that ! and THEY know that !!
    THEY are using some very powerful tools to control our minds,the most develish is the MEDIA !! yeah BINGO
    all of our favourite movies, POP singers ,cartoons,news are destined to control our lifes...you'd say: ur paranoid WE are not stupid c'mon !.... IT's true the consious mind is far from being stupid....but what about THE SUBCONSIOUS DUMBS !!! it's more powerful than you seem to imagine ! and THEY know that.....
    i won't make it any longer just download those videos and u'll anderstand
    just have faith in true nature of human kind...i dont want to gain anything more than god's blessing from it ...and the videos are free made by three young pple like you and me......hope it will change like it did for me